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About Us

vt 4 india (vt4i) having very famous brand name in India as well as in Europe country. Vt 4 india is a technology driven company. . For the same we have strategic tie ups with most of the best GPS hardware manufacturers and we seamlessly integrate them with our solutions. Vt 4 india is a leading provider of online web based tracking solution and telematics systems.

With an extensive portfolio of products and services we have a solution for all business needs. Our powerful and details Tracking analysis suite lets you control your fleet from anywhere in the world 24 X 7! With access to this powerful management tool you will have the ability to view extensive reports from location, history tracking, last position, speed, fleet performance report, trip report etc of the entire vehicle fitted with our technology. Whether you are single owned vehicle or large number of fleet owner we have solution for all segments.

We at Vt 4 india  have eliminated such hurdles and now offer the medium-sized companies as well as the smaller and smallest of companies the possibility to track all their assets quickly and safely using vehicle tracking system. Vehicle tracking also makes it possible to keep and record a seamless electronic logbook including all routes and stops your vehicle has made. Our tracking portal provides access to digital maps, satellite images, route reports and to the logbooks of your entire fleet. And because you can see exactly when and for how long your vehicles were moving or standing still, you can actively reduce your service and down time. The ability to manage your assets through vehicle tracking means an improved customer service, the avoidance of unnecessary employee overtime and a drop in costs for your vehicles across the board.
Because you can remotely access and manage your assets from any computer, you not only have the ability to track your vehicles, you can actively steer them as well We know that as a company owner or manager, you have many daily tasks to tend to. vt 4 india  Tracking helps you manage your time better and gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are exactly where they are supposed to be. Our GPS fleet tracking lowers your fuel costs by eliminating un-scheduled trips and driving more direct routes. Our solutions are affordable and we offer the best trailer tracking pricing in the industry. We simply will not be undersold.
Our experienced sales consultants have many years experience in the Automatic Vehicle Tracking System and GPS tracking system to help your company achieve maximum profit in a short time. Our track record shows we save your money, whether you have a small local fleet or a large national fleet


At vt 4 india , we deliver the same four core values to each and every customer: an integrated platform, our value-added approach, our customer obsession, and flexible, risk-free terms—offering a complete, tailored solution to meet every customer's needs.

  1. Integrated Platform. Our fleet management solutions integrate both GPS tracking and dispatch systems, giving you the end-results you need.
  2. Value-Added Approach. In order to deliver the most comprehensive fleet management solutions possible, we offer our solutions in conjunction with value-added services from our latest technology.
  3. Customer Obsession. We're known for providing exceptional customer service in every step of the way. From pre-sales and installation to ongoing support, it's no wonder that lots of our business comes from customer referrals. We care and it shows.
  4. Flexible, Risk-Free Terms. We provide flexible options for purchasing or leasing equipment, unlike some of the more pushy fleet management companies. We work with you to decide the best approach for your business. We also offer not one, but two options for a risk-free trial of our fleet and asset management solutions.



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