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VT4I compact vehicle tracker gives you the location of anything, at anytime. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the VT4I can help you track anything, be it your car, children, or a prized possession, all in real time.

Find car by triggering car’s light and horn (optional)
When need to pick out the car parking on giant parking lot, you can send the specific command.

Analogue detection (Optional)

The device can measure car battery’s voltage and upload it to platform/APP in fixed time based on your needs.

Remotely control electricity/oil
Send command through SMS or tracking website to cut off the electricity/petrol connection of the vehicle, leaving the illegal user hopeless.

Car door status detection (optional)
It is able to detect door status and uploads them to platform and APP timely.

Remote monitoring (optional)

Use your phone to dial to the device then you may hear the live voice in the vehicle.

Two-way talk (optional)

The tracker supports two-way communication with pre-set numbers, which makes it convenient to communicate with anyone carrying it.

Vibration/Displacement alert

When the device sensor detects any vibration/displacement, the device will send alarm to your mobile and then dial it.

ACC detection
Update and report the vehicle’s status quickly and accurately.

It allows you to fence off certain areas of the map and be alerted when the tracker enters or leaves the restricted area.


In emergent case, press SOS for 3s to activate SOS alarm.


GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


Class 12, TCP/IP

Operating Voltage


Location Time

Cold Start: < 35s

Hot Start: < 2s

Location Accuracy

<10 meters

Operating Temperature

-20℃ — +70℃


98.5(L) x 53.5 (W) x 16(H) mm



1. All products have been strictly Quality Checked in house before packing.
2. All products have been well packed before shipping.
3. One year warranty is provided for all models. We will bear maintenance cost during warranty.

Our Products